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Decluttering your life.

Saahil is an Entrepreneur, Author, and Passionate Mountaineer.

This workshop will teach you how to master strategic decluttering in 4 key dimensions of life- mind, body, relationships, and home to experience joy, abundance, peace & diamond grade clarity to scale your personal summits faster.

In this workshop he will share his personal journey of how he transcended all odds to scale the summits of his dreams, and how you too, can dream up new personal summits every day, once you adopt his fool-proof process of breaking-free.

Saahil is the author of BREAKFREE- A guide to Decluttering your Life.
Since 2010 Saahil has scaled 4 of the tallest mountains in the world- a dream that he harbored since 1999. As a Global Citizen Saahil has built successful businesses across 3 continents, has written a book on personal disruption, and coaches ambitious leaders on scaling their summit.