Corporate Connection

Effective Pipeline Management

Peter Heredia is the Managing Director of MaxSale Solutions, a business whose practical approach, sales improvement programmes and proprietary development tools spells huge success with all sizes of businesses.

Peter conducted a 90-minute online workshop for members of CorporateConnections Dubai and their guests where he introduced the basic tenets of Pipeline Management. Peter brought clarity to the term “healthy pipeline” and made his audience understand the KPIs that can help achieve sales targets.

Through a set of exercises Peter helped the participants analyse pipeline scenarios and check it against set goals to determine if the pipeline was healthy. Peter also showed how to use a calculator to forecast sales with some certainty.

Peter’s healthy pipeline is based on key factors:

  • No. of opportunities
  • Average Deal Size
  • Average Ageing
  • Closing Ratio

The forecast formula uses these factors to determine the revenue achievable. An important factor is also the product-mix that ensures that strategic goals are met.

The 90-minute long workshop was followed by a round of questions from the participants which Peter answered thus increasing their understanding. Having worked in many industries, with discrete as well as continuous business cycles, Peter brought forth many practical examples of creating and managing a healthy basket of opportunities.

Learning & Development is one of the many benefits of being a member of CorporateConnections. Through periodic workshops and training sessions members have opportunities for personal and business growth.