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Lasting Impression In First Meeting

We meet a lot of people and yet not many remember us. Wonder why? Probably because the first meeting does not leave a lasting impression.

In this 5-Point Podcast hosted by Mohammed Sutarwala, I outline the things that you must do to create a lasting impression in your very first meeting.

I have 5 points, of which the first two relate to the very first 5–10 seconds that you meet some one new. It is in this first few seconds that you lay the foundation for a lasting impression. The next three points tell you what you must do in your remaining interaction time.

Hear the full pod-cast to really understand what you must do for a lasting impression. However, if you are in a hurry, here are the five tips covered in my podcast

  • Smile
  • Appearance & Body Language
  • Keep the Spotlight on them
  • Prepared Self-Intro
  • Summary with Call to Action

Go on, listen to the full podcast to get the full picture.